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yper Local Marketing has been an integral part in the success of local business. This especially applies to medical practices, including Chiropractors and Dentists. While Facebook had been a reliably cost effective way to produce leads for such clients, over the last year that space has grown unpredictable. Specific treatment advertising bans, coupled with the pandemic have shown Google Ads to be a viable alternative.

Dominate the Search Page "Real Estate"

One of the real challenges faced with Hyper Local Marketing is how to get your listing to stand out amongst the competition. Google likes to put all local business listings in one spot, while the paid ads are almost imperceptible compared to the bold Google My Business listing(s) on the right column of the page.

My response was to "marry" the Google Paid Ad, to the Bold Google My Business listing. I did this by creating Smart Campaigns, rather than Traditional Search.  I was able to connect the Smart Campaigns with the available client Google My Business profile. This increased the client's overall ad space on the list result page, which led to a substantial and immediate increase in leads. In addition, I made Phone Calls the primary objective, which brought the offices higher appointment reservations.

A Fantastic Company with a Bright Future

iVelocity has done a fantastic job of serving the medical community. Each client is treated as if they were a business partner. I find it useful to take an "ownership" perspective of all projects. It is an acceptance of responsibility and a dedication to a common goal.

iVelocity Marketing is an industry leader in medical marketing innovation and application.

My work with iVelocity has been centered around creating large value from relatively small budgets. When a typical small business or medical practice can compete on Google for a reasonable cost, I consider that a win.

Starting Cost Per lead:
  • $51
Final Cost Per lead:
  • $18

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