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usiness to business lead generation can be tricky. Each industry is different, yet there are distinct similarities among all B2B lead generation campaigns. By aligning with larger social trends, a company can leverage the momentum of said subject matter and rocket to success.

A Pioneer in Eco-Friendly Messaging

In 2009 I began my work for Custom Earth Promos. The idea was to develop a promotional products brand that was especially aligned with Eco-Friendly goods and messaging. It was during this exact time when the momentum for Eco Friendly goods and organic foods exploded on the U.S. consumer market. By tapping into the zeitgeist and applying it to a traditionally sterile industry, we created magic.

Small Company, BIG Clients

The branding and subsequent lead generation campaigns on Google Ads yielded extraordinary results. All of a sudden, a tiny company out of South Florida was garnering attention from Fortune 500 companies like: IBM, Whole foods, NASA, Office Depot and the United States Postal Service.

Custom Earth Promos was one of the first companies to effectively market reusable bags on Google Ads

Being able to target and market primarily to your intended audience is key. Marketing budgets can easily disappear into the abyss that is Google. That is why I took a careful approach that utilized a series of remarketing campaigns to achieve our goals.

Starting Cost Per lead:
  • $67
Final Cost Per lead:
  • $12

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